The Sexual Morality of the Secular Progressives

The Culture War going on right now is fascinating when you stop to think of it. The movement is establishing Traditional Christians, those of us who hold to the faith as it has been understood for thousands of years, as threats to society. Many of whom feed the poor, help the orphans, establish hospitals, and give large portions of their money and time to help others in need; who, as it would be, also insist that sexual morality exists, holding that sex is for one man and one woman in the context of marriage, alone. The funny thing is that the Secular Progressives who are now in the process of setting up Traditional Christians as threats, the same people who want to liberate sex from seemingly any moral confines, also insist on sexual morality themselves, and very strongly. Vehemently even. Their line in the sand is simply drawn in a much different place, far, far away. Secular Progressives still insist that sex be consensual, and once this line is crossed, their wrath is unleashed (and rightly so). Sex hasn’t become so devalued and depersonalized to them that anyone can grab another and have sex with them apart from their will. Their line in the sand exists and they defend it with fervor. To a lesser extent they affirm that adults of a certain age should not have sex with a child of a certain age, even if consensual. Though I think this line is moving, if not fading all together. Perhaps this is the next barrier to be crossed or broken down by the moment, leaving only consent to remain in Modernity’s Code of Ethics for Sexual Morality. One thing is for sure, however, a moral line will always exist concerning sex for Secular Progressives. It will never be fully eliminated. In fact, their last and sole line “consent” will probably be strengthened.

What is going on in our society is the natural result and progression of the Sexual Revolution which began in the 1960s. Like all theology, all philosophy, worldviews, and ideologies, basic assumptions are always carried to their natural conclusions. How this relates to theology, one need look no further than the life of Saint Thomas Aquinas in the Christian West, or Saint Gregory Palamas in the Christian East. What is going on in the United States (and Europe) at this time, under the banner of “LBGT Rights” is the full blossoming of the seed that was planted in the form of the Sexual Revolution over 50 years ago. Maybe we’re only in the initial stages, the infancy, of this “blossoming.” Time will tell, and frankly, I suspect this is the case as far as things have progressed in this movement. Even still, having seen its fruit in light of the Christian Gospel, which is perfect love, I can’t help but diagnose the seed, planted long ago, which has now sprouted and is nearly fully formed, as a major tare. A tare I can’t help but believe can only result in the large scale persecution of Traditional Christians in the American Land, and the utter compromise of Denominational Christianity to the spirit of this age. Twenty years from now how will the United States look? What will be? It will be very interesting. I don’t mean to be a conspiracy theorist here, but, Lord save us from becoming global leaders in and promoters of Secular Humanism.   

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