The Second Cold War

Over the years I’ve come to love Russian Culture and especially their Christian Tradition. The funny thing I’ve found is that here in the States, it’s common for folks to affirm the Russian Revolution while at the same time, deploring Communism. What many don’t seem to understand is that Communism came into power through the Russian Revolution. And this contradictory dynamic – affirming the Revolution, deploring Communism – is found in American Policy at the highest level. Woodrow Wilson supported the Bolshevik Revolution, for example. In today’s environment, it’s obvious that our government is aiming for another Revolution in Russia. The utter *insanity* of this policy. Since we’re not a historically oriented society, neither as it relates to Christianity or historical narratives beyond ourselves and Western Europe, we’ve projected Soviet Communism onto the Russian soul eternally, when nothing could be further from the truth. Meanwhile a new Cold War has risen, and more dangerous than the first. Today’s Russia should be our FRIENDS. We have become the aggressors in this relationship, or lack thereof, by way of NATO expansion, illegal sanctions, and a foreign policy that allows them no sphere of influence, while demanding the World as our sphere of influence. Media and political elites regularly throw out the term “Russian aggression” when they have started no wars, and conveniently forget the many we have started.  

In essence, what the new conflict boils down to is this – Russia is returning to its conservative heritage underwritten by Orthodox Christianity; America is becoming a liberal and progressive society underwritten by Secular Humanism. These two contradictory values are playing themselves out on the World Stage. Lord have mercy.

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