Screen-Hoppers and the Case for Paper Pages


Life in today’s age is a digital one. And the evolution of this technology has taken us from connectivity in our homes, to connectivity in our pockets as we go any and everywhere. So much time, in this age, is spent going screen to screen: from computer screen to phone screen, to tablet screen, to television screen… rarely are our faces away from these things. Pixels illumine our retinas much of the day, day after day.

Reading a paper book is a way I have gone about escaping this trend. Thumbing through pages illumined from above, by a lamp, than scrolling down a screen illumined from within, by a microchip, is an experience that cannot be replaced, in my opinion. And I find my interaction with the text to be more authentic, more enriching. There are plenty of great features and benefits that come with an e-reader: less expensive books, a portable library, reading in the dark among them. Then, however, you miss out on a real, physical library gracing your home. My bookshelf is without a doubt my most prized possession, which, year in, year out, grows and becomes more beautiful. There’s just something to grazing all the covers on your bookshelf, calling to mind memories of stories and books read long ago, which scrolling down a digital list could never replicate. Underlining and highlighting thoughts with real pens is just something I can’t ever part with, and something no feature can match.

So help keep print alive, and fight the propensity to screen-hop from device to device. Buy real books, read and keep them. They warm the home by warming hearts in the home.

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